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Sunday Phlegm

Ok, I know phlegm can be a carrier of bacteria and bad news…but this is different. Coughing up the events of the past week is a therapeutic necessity. And besides, what else are you supposed to with the detritus of last weeks’ good ideas gone bad? Except spit em out and get on with your life…Sunday is the first day of the new week  right?  Who wants to carry around the past?  So, it with a throat clearing shudder that I look forward.

On the music front, I’m back in the studio this week to finally record my follow up CD to the last CD I never completed the first time around.  So who’s counting? Yes, 12 new songs, a budget, a hope and a dream…and who cares if I’m living in a fantasy world? Got a better world for me to live in? Haplessly hopeful, unabashedly  unapologetic, and ready for anything…shameless promotion, self serving blogs, I’m ready.

Fans, get out and enjoy your Sunday, Buffalo Girl Rosie put on your snow shoes and dance…cook, eat, drink, toast, the rest will take care of itself…




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One response to “Sunday Phlegm

  1. Roseanne Jackson ⋅

    Hi Ray… just want you to know that I really needed to hear this advice.. I was so frozen in some negative shit I could not even breathe.. so I did relax a little and I took my son to an audition and he got the part and now the ugly stuff is still there but we have other things that are not ugly to think about and plan for and prepare for, and the ugly stuff is not as large as it used to you … Rosy

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