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Sunday Phlegm Two

Hello fans!

just crawled out of the studio after 11 hours…ok, I didn’t crawl, I leapt! In fact sleep is something I cannot even consider… true, I can’t see the keyboard and spell check can’t begin to keep up with me…but who cares. What ever was stuck in my craw has been spit out and is probably stuck to the very expensive microphone I was using today…for those of you who have spent hours recording the best songs you have every written please stop reading now.  This post isn’t for you…well it is, but you’ll get all “been there done that” on me so do us all a favor and check your FaceBook instead…

The thing about recording is that you go in with an idea of what’s going to happen and then, it doesn’t.  Everything but, will happen! I had a song. A nice song. Everyone told me, “that’s the one”…but it isn’t anymore! We added these drums…man these drums! Everything changed…”nice” was no longer an option…these drums just plowed anything that was  “nice” right  into the ground! But in a good way.  Those drums took a simple little idea of a song and turned it into Godzilla! And the drummer and everyone else kept telling me what a great song I wrote. I didn’t write shit! You see, that’s the whole beauty of the thing. No one person creates anything by themselves. Creation is a group project.  It can’t happen any other way.

So here I am, clearing my throat and lungs on my Sunday Phlegm blog telling you, my fans, that no one rows alone…or as my friend Henri was so fond of saying…”I shop alone’. Well, to you Henri. No, you don’t. I’ve spied you at at the Berkeley Bowl…and you were not alone. But we should probably talk about your choice of toilet paper. I do have some concerns….

Good night everyone… take your ideas and passions and pester the shit out of your friends and family…they really do appreciate you.





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