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More Sunday Phlemg

Just realized that the reason my ‘tropical’ plants in the yard look close to death is that we have not had any water this Winter. Not used to turning on the hose in January. Let’s hope it’s not too late…everyone tells me not to worry because plants are resilient. Not sure if I believe it though…let’s just say that at some point resiliency may not be enough. But I digress…

Recording going well. Back in the studio Monday and Wednesday with boy genius Michale Rosen, producer and engineer extraordinaire! I should be practicing with the drums and click tracks instead of writing this questionable blog but truth be known, I really hate to practice. Of course I tell everyone I practice all the time…I suspect Michael knows I don’t practice much but he uses my lack of preparedness to ‘rearrange’ my songs, and, he is usually right, so why bother practicing? Of course if  I did practice I would have a better idea of where my music should be going, be more adamant about how right I am, and how dare a producer try and change my work , after all, I am the artist…and then we would most likely argue,  I would get this reputation for being impossible to work with and, well who really has the time for that? I don’t. I have to practice.

When I say I don’t practice I don’t mean I don’t play my guitar. I do. I just don’t like sitting with headphones on, alone, counting down 1 -2 -3 – 4 to a click track, drums (that are incredible by the way thank you Michael Urbano) a really bad vocal ‘scratch’ track, buried way down low in the mix so I can barley hear it, and play everything perfectly over and over again. It’s boring. To those who have never spent any time in a recording studio, believe me when I say it ain’t glamorous. There are lot’s of ways to record your music… it might look like this. You start with the whole band in the studio, everybody rehearsed and refreshed, excited,  usually separated in little cubicles so the different instruments don’t leak into each other…you want to be able keep the them separate so you can mix them all together once everything is recorded…then, you can go back and overdub stuff, guitar solo, add vocal tracks, then you mix the stuff and you have a record/CD. Now I know there are you musicians out there already shaking your heads and screaming at your screen NO! What a moron! That’s not how you do it! Please note: I said, “this is how it might look”. You can also get everyone in the same room and record the thing live, which is fun, and live! which if I had a real band I would have done it…like this…1 – 2 – 3 – 4 GO! Done. Minimum overdubs…no labored mixing sessions adding all this fluff…no layering of all these tracks…but not this time around. Nope. This is a track by track, add guitar, add more guitar, add a little sugar, add bass, add vocal tracks type of recording experience…and that’s why I am practicing alone, to a click track (and kick ass drum tracks) doing my part, in preparation for tomorrow.  At least I should be. For those who don’t know what a click track is, think recorded metronome playing in your ear while everything else is going on. It’s so you play in time.  Some musicians have this innate, natural, rhythmic ability…no one has actually come out and said it to my face but this may not be one of my strengths.

But, I don’t have a band this time around…got some great studio folks making the songs sound good, make that sound great…my old time friend and former band member Eddie Rawlings laying down some sweet, sweet guitar tracks…but now it’s my turn. And I should be practicing to that click track, I should be prepared, and I will be, but just not right now.

Not right now…I have to water my dieing plants, then pick up doggie treats that have dried in the sun instead of dissolving into the ground with the Winter rain, that hasn’t come, then I’m sure that load of laundry tumbling in the dryer is dry by now, and although I don’t believe in ironing I do think it’s important to fold straight away from the dryer, then there are those pork chops that I probably ought to marinate because they’ve been in the fridge an awfully long time and need a strong dose of vinegar, would hate to kill my dinner guests, then there’s the potatoes for roasting that need to be picked through and cleaned…

And I just realized, the water out back is still running. Got to go shut that off. Then I really out to start practicing. Yes, practice, right after I…

Have a wonderful Sunday fans.

An oh, please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section. And be honest,  you can “keep it real”, it’s really ok. I get to approve all comments so there’s no harm speaking your mind.  I have the power of delete!



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One response to “More Sunday Phlemg

  1. christy stolebarger ⋅

    Hey dude. I am so there with you…. from the drooping plants to the petrified dog doo that should be fertilizer by now…. I turned on my sprinkler last weekend and thought, “gee, this is cool, watering in January!” Being from Wyoming, it’s unheard of. The only thing you make in January with sprinklers are big ice castles.
    Not being a musician myself, it’s really fun to hear about how you bring something all together, and all the various pieces and people that are involved. I’ve heard Ron talk about the timing thing, and sometimes he counts when we listen to Radio Head, because I guess their beats are really out there! But I don’t understand the inner-workings; I just know when I like how something sounds and how it makes me feel when I listen.
    I love listening to your music, and even though some of your lyrics may be sad or melancholy, they are touching and powerful at the same time. I like that. I hear you’re working on something that is “better” than Boardwalk. Can’t wait to hear it!
    Your blogging thing is a great idea. I will check in periodically to see what you’re up to!

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