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Sunday Phlegmy Sunday

The studio can be a strange place – time stands still and the rest of the world is on hold.

It always takes me a few hours to settle in, relax, pull emotion out of some deep place I may have never visited before…authenticity is all that matters…not technical prowess, although it does help…but, many have been the times I have sat in a club, a stadium, and watched incredibly talented people bore the shit out of me. This goes through my mind in slow-mo during those first hours in the studio…I could live with being just an ok, not so technically proficient guitar player and singer, but boring? Unforgivable…

Sometimes in an effort to be exciting you can over play your hand. Forced excitement breeds this phony hipness that just doesn’t cut it. You listen to the playback and think, “what was that?” You do the best with what you got and let it go…thinking but not thinking…looking ahead at the next verse while staying in the present verse…the second you find yourself looking at the faux stonework on the studio wall, and thinking, what designer in their right mind would use fake granite boulders there?…well…cut, new take…sorry my mind was drifting…

I mean, you want to drift. You want to go to that other place. But sometimes you are snapped out of it for no reason and then you start thinking too much. Then that internal dialog starts up, Gollum and Smeagol going at each other in your brain, all the while you are playing or singing and tape’s rolling and no one out side of your head even realizes that you are miles away doing battle with fictitious characters!

The weird part? Sometimes those are the best takes. Sometimes they stink.

Back in Fantasy Studios today primed to do battle with myself. And I will remind myself, tell the story. Just tell the story. Believe in the words coming out of your head, open up every sensor in your body and let the moment flow over you, disarm and dispel any doubt, the time is now, the clock has stopped ticking, tell the story…just tell the story…

Have a great Sunday everyone!



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