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Daylight Saving Sunday Phlegm

It wasn’t so many years back when the thought of social networking made me shudder. I thought if you wanted to share something with someone, you should call or e-mail, or visit them! face to face! The idea that we had to share every detail of our lives every minute of the day with friends, and friends of friends, and corporate sponsors of dog food, high school reunions,  erectile dysfunction medications and more, not to mention the tracking of our private information even with the privacy options offered…well, this whole scenario seemed bizarre to me.  I even had a falling out with a best friend over a social networking discussion we had that turned bad…and we were both right! And we most likely were in agreement!

Well lookie now everyone…blog, twitter, website, Facebook oh my! I’m a Social Network junkie now…how did it come to this? What went wrong?

Simple…I started writing songs again…and I’m a whore.

The music business is not what it was when I was younger and record companies ruled the world. The DIY Punk ethos of the mid 70’s became mainstream with the help of electronic innovation and some really forward looking and savvy musicians who were raised on computers and cell phones. I was a bit behind the curve…ok, a lot behind the curve but I’m playing catchup now. So the point here?

I’m back in the studio to record tracks for a song I call, “1:54 AM“. It talks about the the loneliness of having 537 friends (and counting)…all these friends but we are still by ourselves, in a darkened room, staring at a screen…not terrible social…

I’m thinking,  how do I get this feeling right in the studio…so many ways to screw it up…it’s not meant to be a sad song, and I’m not necessarily railing against what we all do everyday when we log on…its just…is this all there is?  Face time is now an Apple feature on its I Phone. But you can’t touch the face…no tactile sensation here…you can’t possible know what that face just had for dinner by inhaling the traces of the garlic and red wine on the face’s breath…does it matter? I think it does…and I have to somehow convince a listener of it.

From a songs beginnings, a few stray lines of verse in a spiral notebook,  a chord progression, scraps of a chorus…bridge…the end product, what pops out on the other side of the master mix, can be an amazing thing sometimes.  What you thought you had in the beginning bears no resemblance to what you have in the end. How does that happen?  I can’t tell you…all I know is it happened. My acoustic expression somehow turned into Cheap Trick live at Budokan. The tracks we did yesterday are not anywhere near finished but the song took off and where it will land is anyone’s guess. And I like it that way.

We are not supposed to know what lies down the road. If we did we wouldn’t do anything. Just wait for it to happen to us…nope, can’t do that. What we do now changes everything…I mean now, in this moment…not in a month from now…and what we did last year is irrelevant. That moment,  when I was mic’ ed to the gills was all that mattered. And what happened yesterday in the studio was absolutely magical.

Go find some magic today…we lost an hour so you better start right now!

luv to everyone…RV


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  1. ⋅

    Hello, you used to write excellent, but the last few posts have been kinda boring… I miss your great writings. Past few posts are just a bit out of track! come on!

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