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Sunday Mess With Options

“Ive always been a liar, never been a cheat, stole the time from many of ya but I never been a thief”  RV.

I’ve never had a problem talking to people, or talking in general…I probably talk too much. I’m also prone to exaggerate. Some…many, might say I’m boastful. I don’t think I’m what you would call a liar but I have to admit I can tell some whoppers! I’m good at it. Always have been. Truth be dammed, a good story is a good story… I don’t really believe everything I say, some small consolation I guess…is it wrong to mix fantasy with reality if you know you are doing it? When you honestly don’t expect anyone within listening distance to really take you seriously anyway or believe what you say…is it wrong? I mean, isn’t that what our culture teaches us? Disbelief and hyperbole, seems a natural marriage in our Western culture right? I mean, other than a having a great ass and nice teeth, doesn’t this perfectly describe our love affair with Kim Kardashian? Do we really believe that that ass and those teeth are real? Not an exaggeration?

I mention Kim Kardashian because of an incident that recently happened to a friend and colleague of mine. And this is a true story…believe me. My friend was in a small town in an Eastern state that will remain nameless…this state has a very large urban center surrounded by miles and miles of rural and suburban towns…it was in one of these small towns that the following occurred.

My friend and her soon to be famous boyfriend were visiting this particular town for business.  They were on their way to a fancy function and stopped by a Walmart to pick something up…razor blades or something. My friend was dressed to the nines for this business function they were about to attend…dressed down she’s a natural knockout but dressed up?…hot…no other way to describe her.

It happened like this. She and her boyfriend enter the Walmart and within a minute or two she sees a women across the store, with a child, gesticulating wildly, looking and pointing in her direction. At first she thinks it’s because she is so dressed up and shopping at Walmart…if you’ve seen the way most people dress to go shopping at Walmart you can understand her coming to this conclusion but no! The women and child descend upon my friend and her boyfriend, wide eyed,  incredulous, shouting Kim! Kim! Mother to child, ” look! Its Kim Kardashian!” Mother to my friend, ” My son just loves you Miss Kardashian.” The child is shaking, visibly shaking, awe struck…star struck…sobbing…Mother to child,  “Look, Miss Kardashian came all this way from New York to visit us, here!” Mother to my friend, ” My son just loves you so much Miss Kardashian.” My friend’s boyfriend at this point is of no help, in fact he encourages the Mom by suggesting that Kim should give her son an autograph…Mother grabs a celebrity mag off  a rack with a picture of Kim on the cover and offers it to my friend to sign, which she obligingly does…I mean what else could she do?

When my friend, Kim, asks the little boy what his name is, the little boy responds in a manner that at once indicates he has a cognitive impairment, what professionals now label, “Intellectual Disability”.  When my friend introduces her boyfriend, “this is my boyfriend Charlie”, the little boy shouts, “Charlie Sheen?”  No nudge nudge, or wink wink passed between my friend and the parent of the child…no indication from the parent that she knew what was going on. At this point Kim isn’t quite sure if the Mother knows she is not really Kim Kardashian, is just playing along because the child believes it, or if the Mother actually thinks she is talking with the real star…Who wanted to believe the fantasy more, the Mother, or the child? And what does it matter? Where’s the harm? It will remain a mystery…

So ask yourself this.  What is more important in this instance. The truth? The perpetuation of an obvious lie – untruth? Think about it…anyone get hurt here? If not, does that make it ok?

I don’t have an answer to this…thinking about truthy-ness and music…when I’m in the studio, dropping in a chorus, replacing a blown line or wrong lyric, redoing a guitar part, fixing this or that…am I being untrue to the music? Does being true mean one take, no fixes? no overdubs? Live with what you get first time around?  Maybe. In the studio, am I that child in Walmart so eager to believe in what I think I see, think I hear, think I experience…that we all could see the world through that child’s eyes…like I always say: a good story is a good story, truth be damned!

and that’s all I have to say about that…get out and believe!



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One response to “Sunday Mess With Options

  1. juana vaughn ⋅

    truth is a funny word no??? who am i to say…but sometimes maybe it is ok to go along…play the game….when there is so harm….so be it….happy sunday.

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