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Sunday Roll Over, on Saturday…

The Fall…it was actually the  Saturday night before, after an afternoon of music and vodka in the back garden…Eddie and I plucking acoustic while the hummingbirds hummed…I guess. That’s what they do? Hum? Garden in bloom, old world tea roses climbing over the fence to entertain uphill neighbors Enzo and Fia…wisteria and jasmine stinking up the place, the poor wisteria making a spectacular comeback after the unseasonable April rain knocked off all it’s busting at the seams, buds of possibility…pond a pumping – fish a jumping- picking up a storm on the Martin brothers, and all was well…Eddie and me and the Russian made three…Yoko on her perch directing the cacophony…”you should double that verse and repeat that line…you know, the one that always makes me cry”…

The afternoon soon consumed by vodka…music, moving into a sunset of pollo asado with local panela from the Capay Valley, a herbaceous, fresh, farm cheese that always sends me back to la Sierra Occidental … Sayula…Tapalpa…Mexico…Juan Diego Michel…black beans and rice with just enough epozote to chase away flatulence…sunset moving into a dark backyard with its mysterious smells…its damp, its hint of  dogs – Cora and Diego…all was well, until The Fall.

Cross legged on the couch…the TV drones with manly voices announcing highlights of the Giants 5 -4 win in the 11th…I get up, I fall down. My brain somehow missed the opportunity to alert my left leg of it’s imminent desire to stand. The leg was dreaming, foot roll, momentum had set my body in motion and it was all over in flash. Hip and face simultaneous making contact with the red oak, hardwood floors, left foot a mangled mess, pain. The kind of pain that sets off a way deep, down in your belly wicked laughter at first, as if to say, “what the fuck are you doing?” Then slowly turning into whimpers, then full throated yelps with tears… it really hurt. I know what most of you are thinking right now, I do.  You’re thinking, “he’s probably drunk…”

Well of course I was! But that had nothing to do with The Fall. The Fall will not be broadcast on local TV. The Fall will not be discussed except in hushed tones in private pews…indulgences paid in full to protect the guilty…those that can afford to sin…if you sin in the middle of a forest and there in no one there to see it is it still a sin? Patti Smith answered that question for us in 1976…

Pull myself up off the floor, shake off the pain like water off Gortex (TM)…to be honest, it really hurt, and I was left with visions of worst case scenarios…cancel New York, no way can I walk around the City in a cast, in the Summer, in a heat wave…what if it’s ligaments? they take forever to heal! Pull my self upstairs, put myself to bed…all through the night I am wakened with pain shooting up my leg, that throbbing pain that Vicodin doesn’t really notice…and morphine wasn’t an option though if it had been…

Morning breaks anew…it’s a miracle. My foot, a bit sore, a little tender to the touch, but no swelling, not too much pain, I could move it, I could walk on it…I was cured! I did take the opportunity to feign pain to get out of cooking breakfast and walking the dogs but heh!  I could again imagine the smell of the MTA subway trains! The Sunday morning trash on Doyers street in the 100 degree heat and 80%  humidity! Feeding the subway squirrels! No cast, no crutches, no change of plans.

Dodging another bullet, I think to myself…what would I do if something really bad happened? Do any of us know how we would respond if something truly bad happened? To us? To a friend? To a complete stranger? Do you really know what you would do? I know what I’d like to think I would do in an emergency…but somehow all I can see is Dr Smith, from Lost in Space, girly manning it up with his falsetto shrieks, “the horror the horror!” Would I be Will Robinson…or Dr. Smith?

The Fall…mostly a vision played out in an over amped brain…The Fall…displayed in so many short lived, one season, television productions…The Fall, Sodom does John Travolta…The Fall,  will not be broadcast on local TV…or satellite DISH…

The Fall, no reported injuries.

Sunday on Monday.  See you next week.



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