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When Sunday Never Comes

Having my pre – pre record release party June 9th…why pre-pre? And, where’s the record? Got a minute?…To the three or four of you that actually read My Personal Mess regularly ( thank you…thanks very much!), I started this blog way back in December of 2011 to document what it is like to go into a studio and make a record (CD)…and it’s been fun. Writing this has  given me something to do, a way to pass time, a way to unwind after lots of hours in rooms with no windows and stale air…the writing process must be good for the brain right?…discipline and all that…but I will admit, writing is like a drug, an addiction…I’ve developed this grand sense, this idea, that I have to deliver my 500 + words weekly, to the masses (all three of them)…or somehow the world will stop spinning…I know I know…narcissism…yes I fit the profile sure enough, anyone who dares jump up on a stage, only to refuse to get off, ever, even when the lights are shut off, surly must fall into that particular personality disorder…and oh so many more!…but…

The record? Well, it’s not ready. I am. And for that reason I am having my pre-pre record release party, and you are all invited! It’s free. So please come. But you can’t have a record…or CD…at least not yet.

Not having done something when you’ve told the world that you will have it done can be problematic. Some would just fade into the daily fabric and hope that people would forget…some would come up with elaborate excuses that no one wants to hear…what would you do? Me? you’re looking at it! I’m advertising the fact! No excuses…there are none to be had. Who really gives a fuck? The damn thing isn’t done yet, but it will be, and when it is we can have another party!

As for the recording process, star date Sunday, May 20, 2012: I have 11 new songs recorded, drums are done, thank you Michael Urbano! still needing to record a few vocal bits, or at least clean up what we’ve got, and some guitar tracks need a tweak here and there. Waiting to track bass on a couple of songs still, going back and forth on accordion for 2 tracks, likewise keyboards…gave up on the hipster cello parts, everyone and their dog seems to have cello on their records…not knocking cello because I really do love the warm, sensuous, middle and bottom tones but we just couldn’t find anyone to record the tracks… seriously not wanting to add too much to what is essentially an acoustic, singer songwriter vibe of a recording…all these finishing touches should, could, might? happen in the next week…or two, then it’s mixing time! Then mastering…then…then…

Oh shit. Photo shoot if I want my pic on the damn thing…I could really use a younger, stunt double for this but…naaaa.  The label artwork. Printing. Shipping. Receiving? And hey? Whose going to manage this “juggernaut’? Ok…really, joking about the juggernaut but I definitely need management…but the recording of a record requires much more than just recording…and it takes time. I know there are some musicians that could throw a simple project like mine together a whole lot quicker…but not me. Whats’ the hurry after all?

Thinking back a bit, when I was younger, I did a road trip from London to Mumbai…yes, road trip…I can remember looking at a map of the world and comparing the distance from San Francisco to New York, and then from Istanbul to New Delhi. Having driven cross country from SF to NYC I had a pretty good idea of how long that took. Looking at the map of the world, I thought, hum, not too much of a difference as the crow flies…like I said, I was young…SF to NYC took 3 days…the overland trip to India took a little under 6 weeks…time is just one of those things. In retrospect, 6 weeks now seems like an instant, a blip in time…and SF to NYC? No cross country drive for me…I fly now…and those 5 hours?… most often those 5 hours seem like an eternity…

So there you have it fan(s)…your tortoise and hare tale for a Sunday in May…patience will pay off in the end…I just know it.

luv you all…RV


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