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Sunday Fried, Over Easy

Not so easy…nothing is ever easy…sounds easy when at first the thought pops into your head, but it’s never easy. I may be easy…but it? It… is never easy.  Show next week, my first one in a…year? There were a couple of parties in between…but next Saturday? I probably ought to be thinking about it now.  I ought to be practicing right now.  Lyrics? hum…I think I remember most of the words. The songs – chord structure – arrangement – aah, I mostly remember – verse -verse – chorus, verse – verse – chorus – bridge…it’s no symphony! It’s a fucking  pop song…

Pop is just a way to say popular right? But growing up, early teens, zit filled adolescence…popular was out of the question. I just wasn’t…popular. And then, in a bazaarly, parallel universe moment,  all the other unpopular people noticed the other unpopular people, and…all of a sudden we all picked up musical instruments and formed bands!

Or something like that…if I recall, and I don’t recall much, or much of anything I’d swear to. I suppose there is an element of historical truth here…but my immediate concern, focus du jour, is next Saturday. Now is the time to unveil, live, what I’ve been working on in the studio for the good part of two years. All the talk, all the swagger, all the stories need to take a big step back!…and me? I have to take that big step forward. And I really don’t want to take a tumble.

(sound of screeching breaks…cut to close up of late, 50 something wanna be hipster….light bulb exploding over graying, receding hairlined head…pause)

… wait a minute…I’ve taken tumbles the size of Niagara Falls! What’s the big deal here?  I guess the big deal is I care about it all…

If you’re looking for sympathy you will find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis… I like to say that my father used to say this. He didn’t. The truth? Mr. Russell Sr. introduced this line to me…and many more, they will be revealed at an undisclosed location, sometime in the near future…for now, suffice it to say, I’ve made it to this point and the future is looking like a crap shoot…freighters from Decatur…boxcars!

I’m feeling lucky…if you are in San Francisco next Saturday, come on out and see me, June 9th, at Lennon Studios…South of Market…google it…

luv you all!!



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