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Sunday on Tuesday

and I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a few hundred words today…I guess I’m still recovering from last Saturday’s show…the funny thing about recording and making records is that you actually have to go out and play the songs to someone…getting a gig in San Francisco could be a whole other topic for a blog if anyone wanted to tackle this subject. I don’t, and I won’t. Not playing nice, just not playing. I’m sure I had a point here…sometimes you just have to go out and make your own mess.

Lennon Studios, I love you. They understand. They know that it takes the typical musician or band 6 hours for one hour on stage. And that’s not including the hours, weeks, months, years of practicing and rehearsing, and probably working two or three other jobs all the while…just to get to the show, set up, sound check, play, break down, load up and out…then unload again, back in your studio, home, or boyfriends or girlfriends home…oy…

Saturday was a blast. A mess, but a blast. Forgotten words, bum chords and wrong notes, tempo changes that weren’t supposed to be…nervously looking at the audience to determine if anyone else is noticing the glaring mistakes that are being amplified to a room full of unsuspecting  guests…you spend so much time focusing on the bad chord that by the time you’re playing the bridge you realize the song is just about over, it’s passed you right by while you were stuck on the Bm that should have been a G

And therein lays the mystery of it all. No one really gives a shit. No one hears what you hear…no one knows which way the songs is supposed to go…I mean, I guess…if you were to have a hit record that was played a million times, well then sure, people would notice. But if you had a record that was played over and over, day in and day out, then it would stand to reason that you would be on the road nonstop promoting the damn thing and the songs would be so automatic that you’d probably not make a whole lot of mistakes anyway right? And that may lead to a whole other set of problems…boredom.

Mistakes go with the scenery…how you recover from those mistakes is what really matters…what really makes the difference…sometimes a bum note starts a whole cascade of unintended consequences and can lead to something fantastic, brilliant. Most of the time I’m afraid, it just leads to crash and burn…but that’s ok…

No time to look back, the plane takes off at 9 AM on Friday and I’ll be on it. Then another Saturday to try it all over again…music…language, it’s alive, living and every changing…you cannot put it in a bottle then crack it open and expect the same experience. It may taste sweeter…you may want to spit it out, it may burn a hole in the floor…but hopefully you’ll remember the experience. Feel it…take it to heart, discard or embrace…but as long as it leaves you with something,  it’s done its job.

“I’m tired and I can’t find my way back home…” (SW)

see you in New York…



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