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Sunday Apple Of My Eye

And what an Apple! ripe and ready, luscious and lusting,  promising everything and giving nothing away. Just got here? Why, does it show? Pretend, pretense, praetendere, to stretch…the truth, dissemble, dissimulate…the opportunity to become whomever you want and in the process, maybe, just simply reaffirming who you are. Leave it to a City full of strangers to allow you to just be who you are. Strangely,this odd  reassurance that I feel in the company of strangers, in the middle of eight million people, is the constant that keeps me returning  to the City. Not so much a sense of anonymity rather a feeling of being part of something bigger than myself, and I like it.

There is a reason for the trip from the west to the east…music. Six weeks to write new songs, unfettered, free style writing…you can write anywhere of course, I choose New York. Extravagant some may say, waste of time and money…money perhaps but time? I don’t waste a second of time here…the place won’t let you…and you have to buy food no matter where you are, a cup of coffee cost the same here as it does in San Francisco, cheap dives serve the same cheap hootch. Teaching allows me a way to pick up a paycheck while I’m here, for the time being at least, until the conservative government has its way and privatizes education…and it will, just watch. Then all of us occupiers, subversives, gay straight bi trans questioning, miscreants, non xtians, atheist, free thinkers will all be out on our asses…so why not New York? Why not now?

Now…I mean right now. Waiting for the right moment…what does that mean?…most of us will be left waiting for ever. Walking down Avenue A with a walker means I waited too long for the right moment. No…don’t wait for a time in the future to do what you must do now. Now, for you, and those you care for…we are better human beings for acting rather than passively waiting for the right moment to come. Too many have died waiting….

Cheerful thought.

No, risk is hard to rationalize. But if you think too much you miss the clear sky blue, the blue moon over a cityscape at midnight, the red tail hawk adrift in the thermals rising from the blacktop heat and highrise canyon – 5th Avenue…soaring in present tense. Yes, soaring in present tense, that’s what I want to do. That’s why I am here.

Why are you here?

love to you all from NYC.



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