Sunday Crunchy Sunday

Crunch is the a sound a guitar makes.  And that’s all I have to say about that. Anymore would bring every recording engineer and guitar player out of the woodwork telling me everything I know about guitars and guitar playing is wrong. And they would be right.  And I don’t give a shit. I am happy to just be able to grab my candy apple red Tele, plug it in, and make it crunch. Or wrap my fingers around the neck of my new, old, beat up Larrivee acoustic electric with the obsolete out of production Fishman pick-up that’s barely hanging on by a thread but still produces a sound I’ve never been able to reproduce on any Taylor, Takamine, Martin or Gibbson. And having just said this I’m sure I’ll receive untold amounts of comments telling me I’m crazy, an idiot, and worse…such is the nature of the world we live in…and, I don’t give a shit.

Waking up in such a spirited and positive frame of mind is not my norm. And I truly am in a wonderful mood today…for me. A feeling of accomplishment, completion, although I’m not done with it yet…but certainly near the end of something I had no business tackling to begin with, no business plan, little money…bad knees, bad back, life crumbling around me…crumbling in a good way mind you…life’s loofah demanding I peel off a few layers of crud and illusion, a Jasco stripping of years of neglect and negativity…so, am I there yet?

“lyrical prose a waste of time, I want flesh and blood and petty crime“. Am I there yet? Ah hell no. It’s not the there I pursue.

Thinking about it, I really have no clue as to what it is I am hoping to achieve. And I don’t give a shit. I do care though, I mean, you know, about…things. Passion a constant companion, impulsive and insistent, gathering like a category 5 hurricane behind me, pushing me beyond anywhere I had ever imagined I could go…it’s just that sometimes where I land is not exactly where I had planned. Like I said, the there is not the point of the pursuit, simply a momentary reality. And now, even that is gone. Moved on…are you following?

On to that which I am not done with…if you have no idea what I am referring to you won’t find the answer in this post. You must go back a year and catch up. I am not done yet. I am not done yet. Almost done. 11 songs  and a tweaking of a final mix here, there…then on to Mastering. Once I have the Master in hand, getting CD’s copied is the easy part. Somehow, I forgot about the artwork and cover art. Didn’t forget so much as I just ignored it, til now…Call out to all you graphic artists, photographers…actually I think I have the photo part covered…just thinking about this last step…oh never mind. Momentary reality…new moment…now gone…next.

Is anyone really ever done? You could say death = done. But somehow I know better. Too many have passed that way and yet still remain. Such is the Sisyphean condition…Just when you thought you held it all in your hand, you clutch to tight and come up empty. Ah, but all is not lost…and our actions are not futile, but necessary. I am not a myth. Just trying to finish up what I started…now, 11 months and 11 days to the year…crunch on that.

Thanks for following…my release is eminent…and all is well on this Sunday…

love, RV