So What Now?

Recording done. CD in boxes in the garage. Lots of boxes, lots of CD’s. I am now officially a product. I have a team of 4 working to get out the product…me, to the press, radio, record stores, digital media, social media…sounds terribly impressive. I am a NASCAR engine waiting for a sign, waiting for the flag to drop. So what now? The 10 songs on the CD have gone from lovers to friends to…to, “its complicated”. They don’t seem to be living so comfortably inside me, rather they are desperate to escape, but I’m still waiting for the flag to drop. There is a road that waits for the rubber of my wheels to leave the sheen of the new 1000 miles behind me. Five thousand, 10 thousand…I can’t see beyond that and I don’t know and I don’t want to…but, damn when is that flag going to drop?

Making plans, will be in New York City soon, back to the West Coast, then North…club dates, elusive as I want them to be, how hard do I really want to work? An honest question.

I thrive in this chaos. Maybe.

I have a new Facebook music page Ray Vaughn

Swing by and, like it?

Be good. Stay tuned. Can’t wait to see you all, real soon.


Ray Vaughn