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Sunday with Mom


Never much cared for Hallmark Card holidays…Coca Cola Christmas, Cadbury Easter…belated Birthdays and middle school graduations…new babies, new puppies, new car…Get Well cards, and My Sympathy for your loss cards are ok I suppose, but if I were feeling sick or recovering from gallbladder surgery, if I had just lost someone near and dear to me I think I’d rather you just drop by and say hello, or bring over some soup or something rather then putting your dollars into some multi-national, non tax paying corporation…emotional manipulation for corporate profit never really sat well with me…especially when I am missing a galbladder or loved one…

I do have a heart. Really. I saw it beating during my last ultra sound…A-fib you know…there it was, on a screen, the Russian doctor pointing out each valve, Aortic – check, Mitral – check, can you please roll to your side and…

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